Guitar Instrumentals a Go Go!

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Time for real instro rockn roll!

The Immortal Jukebox

Every decent Jukebox ought to have several fine instrumentals on offer. The golden age of popular music, the 1920s to the 1970s, glittered with thrilling and moody instrumentals that blasted from car and transistor radios and the neon lit jukeboxes. Most of tne great instrumental hits hold you from the first notes and then take you on a dizzy aural ride before depositing you breathless as the last note sounds.

I have always loved guitar instrumentals. There’s something elemental about those rousing riffs that locks deep into your memory and your musical heart. The guitar instrumental can evoke a panoply of moods and tones from slashing attack to daydream lullabies. The effective power of an instrumental is not necessarily related to instrumental virtuosity – its more something to do with familiarity and surprise. Every time someone comes up with a winning riff you feel as if you’re recognising, recalling, something…

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