Best EPs of 2016

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a0299150950_16We kick off our year-end “best of” lists with a discussion of the finest EPs we’ve heard over the past year.

The nature of an “EP” is subject to interpretation these days. However, for our present purposes, if it has between three and eight songs, its an EP. We will be discussing the finest LPs of the year in the coming days, and will conclude the year-end festivities by a look at distinguished works that do not quite fit either category — non-LP singles, multi-artist compilations, tributes, and the like. Call that one “odds and ends.”

Enough chit chat. Let’s get down to business.

10. Baby ScreamLife’s A Trap: Juan Pablo Mazzola continues to revel humorously, and brilliantly, in the bitterly sardonic on this eight-track tale of regret, boredom, disappointment, disgust and (occasional) happiness. Life’s A Trap is somewhat laid back in comparison to Mazzola’s prior efforts…

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4 pensieri riguardo “Best EPs of 2016

    Rudy Carrera ha detto:
    gennaio 7, 2017 alle 6:30 am

    My brother, despite the rough year in so many ways, music was quite good, and you did a wonderful job of showing some of the best examples!

    paolomerolla ha risposto:
    gennaio 7, 2017 alle 1:26 pm

    Your words are very important to me. Yes, a lot of great music!!! Your support is so appreciated I feel blessed. I know that it seems out of the context, but knowing that there’s one person who cares and believes in you the way you’re done, is so great that I’m thinking – not from today – that even if I continue to see any year worse than the one before, is to understand better what and why people like you are in the world. Thank you bro!

      Rudy Carrera ha detto:
      gennaio 29, 2017 alle 7:25 am

      It’s a pleasure and honor, brother.

        paolomerolla ha risposto:
        gennaio 29, 2017 alle 11:39 am



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