Ravi Zacharias Ministry – Truth on Its Head

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First time I heard of the “Ravi Zacharias Ministry”, this piece sure si worth a reading!


G.K. Chesterton took the word “prolific” to a level that, as a writer, simply makes me feel tired. In his lifetime, Chesterton authored over one hundred books and contributed to two hundred others. He penned hundreds of poems, five plays, five novels, and some two hundred short stories, including the popular Father Brown detective series. He wrote over four thousand newspaper essays, including thirty years worth of weekly columns for The Illustrated London News, and thirteen years of weekly columns for The Daily News. He also edited his own newspaper, G.K.’s Weekly.

As one can easily imagine after such an inventory, G.K. Chesterton was always writing—wherever he found himself, and with whatever he could find to write on. So, in the tearoom he scribbled on napkins. On the train, in front of a bank teller, or in the middle of a lecture, he was known to jot hurriedly in a…

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Who’s This?

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“A lord over ten cities”

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G.K. Weekly

All human beings will agree that a Specialist can be trusted too much; though this will not prevent All Political Parties from trusting him with everything they want to shirk. But, indeed, we are past the point of trusting experts as experts. We have come to trusting experts even in the things about which they are amateurs… A man is not only autocratic on one subject, but on all other subjects by right of that subject; and is allowed to be a lord over ten cities because he has been something like a monomaniac over one. This is no exaggeration; a glance at popular magazines and public controversies will give you scores of instances of it. The religion of Haeckel the biologist is more important than his biology. The journalism of a famous cricketer is more prominent than his cricket. Every week or so a paper has what is called…

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Nápoles, 30 mayo: El Derecho natural como fundamento

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Consejo de Estudios Hispánicos Felipe II: seminario

Consejo de Estudios Hispánicos Felipe II

Napoli, sabato 30 maggio 2015Il Diritto naturale come fondamento

Convegno di studi

Prof. Mario Tedeschi
Università Federico II di Napoli


Prof. Giovanni Turco
Università di Udine
Dal diritto positivo al diritto naturale

Dott. Alfonso D’Avino
Sostituto Procuratore della Repubblica, Napoli
La pena tra diritto positivo e diritto naturale

Dott. Luca Molea
Università Federico II di Napoli
Diritto naturale e diritto canonico

Prof. Miguel Ayuso
Università Comillas Madrid
Presidente dell’Unione Internazionale dei Giuristi Cattolici
La fondatività del diritto naturale

Sala San Tommaso
Convento San Domenico Maggiore
Vico San Domenico Maggiore, 18
Sabato 30 maggio 2015
ore 17

a cura di
Consiglio di Studi Ispanici Filippo II (Madrid)
Società Internazionale Tommaso d’Aquino, sezione di Napoli
Unione Internazionale Giuristi Cattolici

El Derecho natural como fundamento


Prof. Mario Tedeschi
Universidad Federico II de Nápoles


Prof. Giovanni Turco
Universidad de Údine
Del derecho positivo al derecho natural

Dr. Alfonso D’Avino
Teniente Fiscal de…

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My bad boss

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my bad boss